Online Acro Classes

Online Acro Classes

Much like every other industry in the world, COVID-19 had a devastating impact on the world of dance. But unlike any other industry, dance has the advantage of being built by creatives who know how to persevere in the face of ongoing challenges.

At The Dynasty Institute, our young dancers are empowered to continue building both their confidence and their skill set to further their passions and their careers. Do these online acro dance classes work? Yes, they do! And our students have built the skills during quarantine to prove it.


Here’s how online Acro Dance lessons are making an impact in our dancers’ lives. And what you can do to offer these benefits to your dancer as well.


For more information, including information on how to enroll in our online program, call us at (240) 547 - 4358 or enroll.


In our online sessions, dancers continue to practice all of the areas of Acro Dance Techniques. They will learn all of the critical techniques and continue to master their progressions until they’re ready to take the next step in their Acrobatic Arts Exams.




Students at this level will work on improving flexibility and building strength as they begin with the fundamentals of Acro and work towards more advanced skills. With the use of ankle weights and props students begin to master rocking rolls, forward rolls, crab walks, back rolls, pushing up into a bridge, touching toes to head and cartwheels. As students master these skills they are then coached through cartwheel variations, handstands on the wall, and backbends. In addition to building this skill set an emphasis is placed on developing coordination and balance. No Experience Required!

Students will continue to improve upon skills, flexibility, strength and technique learned in level one. Progression at this level is seen as students master one-handed cartwheels, round offs, front limbers, and back/front walkovers. As students advance through these skills an introduction is made to more intermediate variations and transitions. An emphasis is placed on fusing jazz technique and lyrical acrobatic skills, ultimately creating cohesion between dance elements and acrobatic elements.

Students at this level begin to shift in to more advanced Acro tricks while still utilizing the fundamentals established in levels I and II. Skills such as front/Back arabians, elbow stands, shoulder stands, Headstand, Aerials, Backhand spirng and handstand walks are taught and mastered. Performance quality is emphasized through the synthesis of lyrical acrobatics, Jazz technique, stylistic movement choices and attention to dynamics and musical accompaniment.. It's easy.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Intermediate/ advanced 4:00-5:00pm

Beginner 5:30-6:30pm


Tuition: $250.00


Sunday Only Classes

Intermediate/Advanced 4:00-5:00pm

Beginner 5:30-6:30pm


Tuition: $190.00

Dress Code

Black Leotard

Black Dance Shorts

Black Sports Bra

Black Leggings

Hair should be pulled back away from dancer's face (if long, please wear in ponytail or bun)

No shoes required

The reviews are in! What do the dancers think?
So, online dance classes are effective, but are they engaging?
Check out the following testimonials to see exactly what our clients think about our shift online. 

As you can see, the virtual acro dance courses available at The Dynasty Institute empower the young ladies in our care

(ages 7-18, beginner-advanced) to learn the fun art of acro from the safety of their homes. They receive the same amount of attention and achieve real, measurable results as they continue to thrive with a familiar routine. '


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