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Learn Acro Dance Online with the “Queen of Acro,” Lonnie Grant


**Welcome to Dynasty Institute: Elevating Dance Through Progressions**

At Dynasty Institute, we recognize the paramount importance of skill development and progressive training to nurture the boundless potential within every dancer. Our virtual Acro classes are meticulously crafted around a specialized skill development process that revolves around the concept of progressions.

**Understanding Progressions:**
Progressions are the carefully designed stepping stones that lead our dancers from fundamental techniques to the zenith of advanced movements. By deconstructing complex skills into manageable components, we ensure that each participant can confidently master the foundational building blocks essential for successful execution.

**Our Approach to Progressions:**

1. **Foundational Principles:** We commence by instilling fundamental techniques that lay the cornerstone of Acro. This phase is vital for establishing a strong understanding of body alignment and control.

2. **Incremental Advancement:** As dancers grow in confidence, we introduce progressively challenging elements. Each progression builds upon the previous one, fostering a sense of achievement while preserving safety.

3. **Customized Guidance:** Recognizing that every dancer learns at their unique pace, our seasoned instructors offer personalized support, ensuring that each participant progresses comfortably.

4. **Skill Integration:** Progressions culminate in the seamless integration of acquired skills into fluid routines. This enables dancers to exhibit their newfound abilities with grace and precision.

**The Significance of Structure and Punctuality:**
We firmly believe that a structured learning environment is essential for effective skill development. Our classes are meticulously organized to deliver consistent and organized experiences, guaranteeing that every dancer receives the focused attention and guidance they deserve. Punctuality is emphasized to maximize learning time and maintain a respectful atmosphere.

**Age Group and Class Size:**
Our virtual Acro program is thoughtfully tailored for dancers aged 8 to 16. To ensure personalized attention and a high-quality learning experience, we limit each class to a maximum of 14 students. This approach empowers our instructors to provide individualized guidance and unwavering support to every participant.

**Meet Our Instructor: The Queen of Acro, Miss Lonnie**
Our esteemed instructor, Miss Lonnie, renowned as The Queen of Acro, is a firm advocate of Continuing Education. She holds her Acrobatic Dance And Contortion Certification under the International Curriculum Acrobatic Arts, embodying our commitment to excellence and innovation.

Join Dynasty Institute and embark on a journey where progressions unlock the door to dance mastery. Together, we'll elevate your dance skills to new heights.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”
-Martha Graham

We Don’t Just Teach Dance – We Teach Life Lessons

At The Dynasty Institute, we’re dedicated to teaching life skills that go far beyond our studio walls. That includes perseverance, dedication, and grace in the face of adversity, as well as respect, integrity, and so much more. We help your young dancer build creativity and confidence through an array of dance-movement disciplines that both challenge and inspire them to reach new heights.

Our program is a Certified Virtual Acrobatics Arts Program which enables our dancers to learn a wide array of dance fundamentals. Your young dancer will learn acrobatics and classic techniques, as well as flexibility, strength, conditioning, and choreography on zoom.

With The Dynasty Institute, your talented dancer will receive only the best in foundational technique training for a broad range of styles and success in everyday life.

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We envision a community of acrobatic artists who excel in their craft, embracing challenges, and dancing confidently. Our systematic approach will continue to lead the way, ensuring excellence, safety, and passion in the world of acrobatics.


Our mission is to inspire and equip individuals with acrobatic skills. Through systematic progressions that break down complexity into achievable steps, we nurture skill development, safety, and confidence in our virtual Acro classes


Here at The Dynasty Institute, we have a set of core values that we believe are essential to teach our students.


Discipline | Integrity | Teamwork
Confidence | Respect | Humility

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Acro Dance

**Unlock the Marvel of Acro Dance: Where Grace Meets Athletic Precision**

Acro dance, a mesmerizing fusion of classical dance technique and pinpoint acrobatic elements, boasts a character uniquely its own. It's distinguished by its athletic flair and its ability to artfully blend dance and acrobatics within the context of dance choreography.

Mastering acro dance is a commendable feat, as it demands training in both dance and acrobatic skills. This captivating dance style encompasses a rich tapestry of techniques, including balancing, limbering, tumbling, and partnering. These skills are rooted in the cornerstones of flexibility, contortion, and strength.

Our classes prioritize safety and skill development through meticulous techniques and progressions. They are skillfully guided by a fully certified Acrobatics Instructor, certified by Acrobatics Arts, ensuring a nurturing environment where aspiring acro dancers can flourish.

Embrace the enchanting fusion of grace and athleticism – embark on an acro dance journey with us! 


 **Unlock Your Dancer's Potential with The Dynasty Institute Virtual Acro Program!** 

At The Dynasty Institute, we're passionate about empowering young dancers through our virtual Acro classes.  We believe that the journey to mastery begins with a strong foundation, and that's why we emphasize skill development through a systematic approach of progressions.

**What Sets Us Apart:**
**Progressive Skill Development:** We break down complex movements into smaller, achievable steps, ensuring that participants build a solid foundation and steadily advance their abilities. This methodical process not only enhances their skills but also promotes safety and confidence throughout their Acro journey.

**Balancing Skills:** Our virtual classes promote balance, dexterity, and instinctual spatial awareness. We're not just teaching acrobatics; we're nurturing well-rounded dancers.

**Body Positivity:** We celebrate every dancer's unique journey and body, fostering a positive and supportive environment.

**Certified Excellence:** Our program is certified by Acrobatic Arts, ensuring your young Queen receives the best possible training. Your child is in the hands of top-tier professionals committed to her success.

**Holistic Growth:** Beyond flexibility and technique, our program instills qualities like innovation, integrity, teamwork, and humility. Led by Ms. Lonnie, our young queens also learn perseverance, dedication, and grace, shaping them into strong, confident, fearless, and successful individuals.

**Invest in Their Growth:** With The Dynasty Institute, your child has the opportunity to flourish in a program that nurtures every aspect of her growth – from strength and dexterity to mindfulness and poise.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey?  Enroll your talented dancer into The Dynasty Institute Virtual Acro Dance Program today!

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Meet “Ms. Lonnie” – The Queen of Acro

Students of The Dynasty Institute are taught the art of dance by professional instructors like none other than Lonnetta Grant. Affectionately nicknamed “Ms. Lonnie” (The Queen of Acro) by her adoring students, her students have gone on to dance with renowned companies like Alvin Ailey, Dance Institute of Washington, and Debbie Allen.

Her acro-dance choreography has been featured and awarded at various top competitions for outstanding creativity and innovation. Ms. Lonnie now brings her extensive background in Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Cheerleading, Tumbling, African dance, and Contortion to students just like your young dancer at The Dynasty Institute.


As a mother of two, she takes tremendous pride in working with children and teens over the last 15 years across various schools and childcare centers in the Washington, DC area. Teaching is not only Lonnetta’s passion but so is watching her students grow, thrive, and succeed in the real world.

“Teaching is my utmost passion, and I can’t imagine doing anything else. I take my job very seriously, and your child’s success in the program is my priority. Thank you for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to work with your children. I will forever be passionate about helping them reach their highest potential.”


Miss Lonnie


Thank you for considering The Dynasty Institute for your child/children’s dance instruction. As the owner and instructor of Dynasty, it is important to me that you as a parent know how this program will enrich your child’s life. I will teach your young person the value of dance with my passion for dance. I will give your child inspiration, by showing up for them and being impeccable with my words. I will build your child up with positive affirmations and liberating experiences. I want to give your young person more than just dance lessons I’d like to be a living working example of how to treat oneself and each other. I endeavor to support and exemplify a positive self-image; and encourage confidence with every word I speak to your child. It is my mission for your child to be impacted to not only be a skilled dancer but a great human being after taking our classes.


Sincerely, Lonnie Grant

To enroll your child into The Dynasty Institute school of Acro Dance, click the link below to get started today! Space is limited and online lessons are available. Click the button below to sign up now!

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Teaching is my utmost passion and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Thank you for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to work with your children. I take my job very seriously and your child and their success in the program is my priority. Making decisions regarding placement and the The Dynasty Institute Dance Ministry program and in the many routines that we produce is a long, difficult and well thought-out process. No child is ever held back, but instead, encouraged to develop their skills so that they may reach their full potential as a dancer.


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Atlanta, Georgia 30305

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