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Acro Dance & Progressions

Progressions are the rudiments of acrobatic dance.

When you think of Acro Dance, think progressions. Progressions are the foundation of the acro dance technique that must be mastered before moving on to advanced material. Basic steps prepare you for advanced skills.

So, before attempting "fancy tricks," it will take some amount of patience and persistence. This is not unique to acrobatic dance, as every art form has its rudiments.

The Dynasty Institute: Importance of Progressions in Acro Dance

A Cartwheel progresses to a Side Aerial, which progresses to a Front Aerial. A Bridge Kick-Over progresses to a Back Walkover, which progresses to a Back Handspring. Its no use skipping this fundamental stage as evidence of this will show up later on in acro training. Additionally, it can make advanced tricks difficult to grasp or attain later on and can cause you to harm yourself. Why Are Progressions Important? (1) Prevents Acute Injury An acute injury is a sudden injury that is usually associated with a traumatic event. A traumatic impact can cause your bone to crack, muscles to tear, or ligaments to snap. The Dynasty Institute is firm on instilling acro drills. These help to develop correct muscle memory. We train our dancers to execute tricks that are safe and manageable for their age and level. With our training program, we are confident that our students will progress in the world of acro dance with the proper techniques and avoid acute (sudden) injury. (2) Prevents Chronic Injury Chronic injuries, which are also called overuse injuries, are health problems that can develop slowly and last a long time. If they're not treated promptly, they can cause a lifetime of pain, inflammation, and overall discomfort. In addition to avoiding an acute (sudden) injury during tumbling, we also aim to avoid chronic injuries caused by doing a trick with improper technique over and over again. Our drills and progressions are aimed at perfecting the proper techniques for all tricks and developing the correct muscle memory.​ This helps to eliminate any likelihood of bad habits and techniques that can result in a chronic injury. Progressions in Acro Class The Dynasty Institute groups students according to their ability and focuses on the appropriate acro drills. Before admittance, we perform an assessment to ascertain each student's skill level. No matter what class you are a part of, it is our goal to ensure that our students reach their desired goals in acro dance safely. This way, they can have healthy and functional bodies as they grow into mature dancers...and into adulthood

Register for all your acro dance classes with confidence!

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