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What it’s Like to Work with the Queen of Acro

At The Dynasty Institute, our one and only goal is to teach the art of acro dance as a way of strengthening and empowering young, creative Queens. Our classes are lead by world-class professionals, including Lonnetta Grant, dubbed “the Queen of Acro” in the dance world.

If you’re considering entrusting your young dancer to The Dynasty Institute, you might be wondering what her experience has been like at our Certified Acrobatics Arts Program.

Here’s a glimpse into the experience of training with the Queen of Acro, and what you as a parent or guardian can expect for your young talent.

Here are The Top 5 Things You Should Expect at The Dynasty Institute

1. Safety First: Teaching Proper Progressions

Safety is our top priority at The Dynasty Institute. And in the dance world, proper progressions are vital to ensuring the safety of our dancers.

We go the extra mile to ensure our dancers learn the proper way to progress through their movements so that each routine is as skilled, flawless, and as safe as possible.

2. An Internationally Certified Acrobatic Arts Program

We’re sure you’ll agree that your young dancer deserves the best, which is why you should only entrust them to an internationally certified program.

The Dynasty Institute prides itself on being a fully Certified Acrobatic Arts Program that delivers only the best acro arts techniques to our precious students.

3. Customized Training Beyond the Studio

As part of our dedication to ensuring the best for your young dancer, all of our pupils are also gifted our signature TDI Training Guide. Inside, they’ll learn the secrets to our signature dance approach and unlock the key to our unique training method—reserved only for students.

Students will receive a training plan, worksheets, and fun homework exercises to accelerate their growth into the space of highly talented acro dancers. These bonuses are not available to the public and are completely exclusive to enrolled TDI dancers.

4. Motivating and uplifting community

Despite what some may think, dance is definitely no easy undertaking. There will be challenges along the way as your dancer progresses through the program and even more challenges that await them in the world beyond.

Our Dynasty community empowers our young ladies to be confident and poised so that they can face the audience, the judges, and the world with a greater sense of self-worth.

5. Education in Dance, Anatomy, the Arts, & More

Think we only teach dance? Think again! Instead, we’re committed to teaching a better-rounded curriculum.

Our students get the benefit of learning a fusion of science and art and bring them into a physical medium through the expression of dance. Sure, physical dance fundamentals are important. But we believe a deeper look into the science of dance is what separates the good dancers from the Greats.

Have questions about our approach or our curriculum? Click here to send a message to a member of our studio today!

Start Your Young Dancer off Right

The Dynasty Institute offers online acro dance classes for talented students throughout the country! If you or your child is interested in learning the art of acro dance online, click below to learn more.

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