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Top 6 Tips for Ensuring Your Child's Continuous Growth, Development, and Success as a Dancer

1. Don't waste money on areas that are not conducive to your child's training

Money is an important resource, so try not to just spend it on a lot of training programs and competitions that do not contribute to your child's growth toward their main goal(s). Your child can do anything, but they can't do everything.

2. Remind them to always remain humble and coachable

There is no one on this earth that knows everything. We may be on different levels of aptitude and development in certain areas, but there is always something we can learn to improve ourselves. Even if you are at the top of your class or age group, your only competition is you. It's important to be open to learning because you can improve on or learn new perspectives, learn valuable life lessons and so much more even if you are already great at what you do. Remind your child that the aim is to improve themselves as dancers and as whole individuals, so it's important to stay humble and coachable.

3. Don't force your child to train in an area that doesn't make sense

Exposure is good, but if they are not interested, and it doesn't align with what they want to accomplish, don't do it. Don't do it because you see everybody doing it. Stay focused on the main goal.

4. Respect the feedback from your child's teacher.

The teachers are the professionals and this feedback is coming from the experience and qualifications they have in their craft. If you want the best for your dancer, trust the process. You can always get second opinions, but trust the process. Don't compare your child's progress with someone else's. Focus on their individual aptitude and goal(s).

5. Invest in Private Lessons

If your child is having a rough time grasping concepts or improving their skills in certain areas, it can be rewarding to do extra 1-on-1 classes in that area. Remember, the focus is on improving your child's skills, without neglecting their mental health.

6. Gracefully exit a dance studio/program

You may be asking yourself, how can I gracefully exit a dance studio or dance program? If you wish to leave, for whatever reason, all you need to do is communicate this to the relevant party(ies) because you made a commitment to the program, the instructor, and to your child. Send a letter or email or make a phone call and include the information about when your child's last day will be.

If it is that you have an issue with the teacher, another student or parent, or a staff member, communicate this issue and try to resolve it instead of just abruptly pulling your child from the program. Leaving abruptly can affect your child's progress, their future in dance, and also their mental health. Keep the communication between your child and their teachers positive and open.

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